October 21, 2017, 9:19 pm
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Through ZoomAfrique.com, ZoomOps offers a range of technology services to local and international clients. Our solutions address immediate and common business problems including

  • the need to collaborate within the enterprise - amongst staff and team members (i.e. corporate email platforms)
  • the need to communicate beyond the enterprise - to customers and clients (i.e. corporate email platforms)
  • the need to provide better service to customers and clients through web portals
  • the need to sell products and services online

Our solutions to these problems include

  • the best-in-breed corporate email platform
    • ZoomAfrique's own email platform - tons of space, lots of bells and whistles including calendars, notes, documents - and much more...
    • Google Email
      • Up to 10 email accounts: no annual fee, small one-time setup fee
      • Over 10 email accounts: low annual fee (30,000 Frs CFA per user per year), zero setup fee
  • web development services- we provide custom web development services - using php, Joomla, mySQL - for
    • general-purpose websites
    • e-commerce websites
    • social-media websites
  • web hosting services - on ZoomAfrique.com's platform that guarantees 99.99% uptime
  • domain registration service - for .cm, .com, .net etc...
  • GoogleApps Consulting including deployment, configuration and customization services - for a host of services on the GoogleApps platform
  • custom application development and customization - for accounting, project management etc...
  • Custom and extended support for industry-standard open-source applications including MySQL, Apache/Tomcat, SugarCRM, JasperSoft and Talend...