October 21, 2017, 9:18 pm
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Under it's marketing umbrella of services, ZoomOps offers companies the following tools:

  • Branding & Identity Management solutions - ZoomOps recognized the need for a service to help companies establish corporate brands and unique identities for their products and services. Considering that a key aspect of marketing is effective definition & communication of the 4Ps (product, place, promotion & price), ZoomOps assists customers to achieve their goals of attaining a particular place in their customers' minds. To this end, ZoomGrafix is a full-service graphics & communications shop that assists customers with a wide range of marketing & communications solutions.
  • Marketing across various media - ZoomOps offers customers effective marketing solutions geared to increase clients' reach into lucrative markets via search engine optimization and social media interaction. We assist customers who have existing or new websites that are not pulling enough of the right kind of customers. We create solutions that make clients' websites pull traffic that has a higher probability of converting to paying customers - and we advise our clients on how to set up social media campaigns and identities to this end.