October 21, 2017, 9:19 pm
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Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a practice that involves the contracting of operations and responsibilities of specific business functions or processes to a 3rd party company. At ZoomOps, we understand the risks and opportunities inherent in outsourcing and we are committed to satisfying not just our clients,  but more importantly, our clients' clients. Our outsourcing services provide our clients with

  • flexibility in management of corporate resources (people, equipment, capital)
  • the opportunity to focus on core operations to accelerate growth
  • the assurance that their clients are being attended to with the highest level of service possible

Cameroon offers a stable environment that serves well as a platform for BPO Services. ZoomOps BPO services include the following:

  • Staff Recruitment & Human Resources Management - ZoomOpsHR 

ZoomOpsHR empowers organizations in Cameroon and across Africa build stong human resource teams. ZoomOpsHR offers traditional Staff Recruitment (hiring) & Staff Augmentation Services to companies.  using a simple and straightforward formula:

ZoomOpsHR is experienced & effective and uses a simple and straightforward formula

+ We respond quickly to staffing requests
+ We present 2 or 3 candidates
+ You review and approve the best

Click here to see open job/contract positions we're filling for our clients.

  • Customer Service - Call Center Human Resource (HR) Management

Under the ZoomOpsHR brand, ZoomOps is currently building capabilities to be able to provide Call Center HR BPO Solutions in Douala / Yaounde. This service will initially focus on providing turn-key solutions for managing Call Center staff - from hiring, to training, to managing personnel and call center KPIs. ZoomOpsHR is seeking partnerships with existing providers who are looking for cost-effective solutions to managing their dynamic workforces.

  • English - French - Translation Services 
With four out of five jobs in the US resulting from foreign trade and most multinationals making the majority of their profits overseas, effective management of multilingual information is now a business imperative. Companies everywhere are shifting focus from domestic to global revenue generation. ZoomOps is responding to this shift by providing high quality English to French and French to English translations for the following kinds of content:

Live Meeting/ Training Facilitation (oral translation services)

ZoomOps offers translation services to facilitate live meetings or training sessions in Cameroon. Our experienced translators are professional, knowledgeable, courteous and of course, fluent in English and French. We offer this service to teams of organizations needing assistance with foreign delegates who speak only English or French. In addition to providing a great translation service team, we provide logistics to manage the team for the duration of the engagement. Need a ot of translators? No problem - ZoomOps has an extended and rich network of experienced translators that we can quickly assemble to make your meeting / training sessions a success. 

Legal Documents - The importance of accuracy when translating legal documents cannot be overemphasized and also the ability of meeting tight deadlines is just as important. ZoomOps works with reputable law firms to ensure that all legal translations are completed by linguists with expert legal knowledge and delivered in whatever timeframe they are needed. Hiring the right legal translator is just as important as hiring the right lawyer. As professionals, ZoomOps assures that legal contracts and documents will protect you with the best legal translation available today.
Technical / Medical Documents - ZoomOps offers custom technical translation projects for manuals, instructions, web site content and technical specifications. Many businesses require technical translation services or interpretation that cannot be accurately completed by a general linguist. Highly technical text requiring translation demands a team of expert native linguists that possess not only superior linguistic skill, but also subject matter expertise.
  • Start-up Services

Like many markets in developing economies, Cameroon is growing at a steady pace and is attracting investments. One of the major challenges of setting up shop in Cameroon and operating a business is the ability to find reliable "hand-holding" and "on-the-ground" services to do all the running around that is crucial to not only launching but also operating a successful venture.

ZoomOps went through the same challenges and identified a number of common problems facing new and or even established companies seeking to expand their operations. To this end, ZoomOps conceived the following set of services:

Legal Services: ZoomOps' legal services involve but are not limited to

+ providing advice on registering and setting up a company in Cameroon (starting a business in Cameroon), including filling all the necessary taxation and Ministry of Labor documents

+ representation in legal matters relating to setting up and administering a company in Cameroon

Project Execution Services

ZoomOps project execution services are intended for start-up companies abroad who are looking for a reliable partner on the ground to perform due-diligence, market research or other pre-setup tasks to validate assumptions and strengthen their plan of attack. Our project execution services are delivered using a team of specialists (employees and contract labor) whose marching orders will be tailored to our clients' goals and objectives.