October 21, 2017, 9:18 pm
Our Plan for Success PDF Print E-mail

We acknowledge that operating or attempting to operate a business or organization of any size in Cameroon and / or other African markets is a challenging proposition. On this basis, we're establishing simple and straight-forward solutions to address these challenges, from the expected to the mundane.

  • We're building a team of results-oriented, credentialed professionals who will provide you with the highest service levels while assisting you achieve in your goals. We're tapping the rich local talent pool and recruiting the best candidates that match our philosophy and objectives.
  • We're setting up a comfortable, safe and easily accessible office space in Bonaberi-Douala that will have ample room for our staff and clients as well as a conference room. Our office is equipped with the best-available Wi-Fi Internet connection in town.
  • We're building relationships with local businesses and sponsoring events that we anticipate will be of benefit to our clients over the long haul
  • We're gathering information on potential areas of opportunities - for example real estate, the telecommunications race and others - and based on this information, we're building a database of information that our clients can tap into to make informed decisions
  • We're analyzing trends in the local markets - from commodities to consumer goods - to spot opportunities
  • We're building our own platform for advertising our clients' businesses and for collecting and disseminating information to the mass market; we recognize that the opacity of information networks is the No. 1 problem impeding the growth of businesses in local markets. To this end, ZoomOps is launching a classifieds advertising solution in select African markets under the name zoomPromo.