October 21, 2017, 9:19 pm
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Cameroon may not be the next Silicon Valley of the world - and the same could be said of  many markets / countries across the African continent.  Yet at ZoomOps, we believe the opportunities in Cameroon and select African markets are worthy of reasonable investments based on sound advice, prudent decision-making and reliance on local experts on the ground.

All too often, ambitious entrepreneurs with good plans in hand and funds in the bank catch planes bound for Cameroon and other African markets with high hopes of establishing businesses that in Europe or America would  be welcomed, patronized and supported. Unfortunately, an unacceptably high number of such entrepreneurs fail due to a host of reasons including but not limited to

  • a difficult-to-understand legal environment
  • a difficult-to-understand tax environment
  • a desperate lack of information about resources necessary to operate in local markets  
    • skilled personnel
    • political and/or social networks
    • market / business intelligence about the local economy
    • comfortable and secure office space
    • reliable telecommuncations etc..

And these problems are not limited to entrepreneurs alone - the same problems plague individuals who are seeking to resolve personal or professional issues remotely - but have no reliable partner on the ground to ensure success.

At ZoomOps, we are changing that, one client at a time by providing a host of services geared towards addressing these and other challenges... How? Read more....